Seattle as COVID takes hold, for Rolling Stone

March was wild here in Seattle. COVID was new and wild and nobody had adjusted yet. Seattle was kind of ground zero for awhile, even though numbers were so, so, low compared to what we know now. The work felt important, and scary, but was so……boring, visually. 

During this project for Rolling Stone, things started to feel a bit different. The city truly felt quiet. Things were changing and we were adjusting into the new normal. I was lucky enough to speak with some nurses and photograph them. It was eye opening, but they were also upbeat, and calm. Nurses have always been the best, and this is the best example we have yet. I hope they are doing okay, ten months later.

Here’s a look back to the quiet, strange place Seattle was in as the U.S. began to pay attention. There were no ambulances everywhere, there was no chaos, there was no masking: there was just the void of anything.

How it compares to now makes me feel all sorts of ways. 

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