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  1. Dick’s Drive-In: WSJ

    2022-08-11 00:27:31 UTC

    One of the best parts about the job is getting into spots the general public doesn’t usually have access to.  It’s not always glamorous or wild, sometimes it’s just a local staple that offers the opportunity to see behind the curtains. That was the case with this Wall Street Journal…

  2. An Assignment From the Before Times

    2021-03-10 17:26:00 UTC

    Early last year, following my first portfolio trip to NYC since being a college student, I got a handful of assignments that started to feel more in line with a new “vision” I’d been kind of working towards. Something that felt post-daily news photographer and  Assignments I could hang my…

  3. Small Things

    2021-02-07 05:24:16 UTC

    Doing our best to stay present, enjoy the company of our little family, and get a breath of fresh air this wet and cold Saturday. 

  4. Seattle as COVID takes hold, for Rolling Stone

    2021-01-28 19:49:49 UTC

    March was wild here in Seattle. COVID was new and wild and nobody had adjusted yet. Seattle was kind of ground zero for awhile, even though numbers were so, so, low compared to what we know now. The work felt important, and scary, but was so……boring, visually.  During this project…

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