Two visitors at Horseshoe Bend, in Flagstaff, Arizona seen on a Western road trip.
A man carries a Chinook salmon out of the Columbia River on the border of Washington and Oregon. Photographed for The New York Times.
A tattooed hand in Hawaii.
A sunset in Baja, Mexico.
A deer in Washington State's Enchantments with a wall of trees beyond it.
A woman kisses and says goodbye to her mother in a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Washington State. Photographed for The New York Times.
A woman floats in a natural body of water at dusk in Idaho.
A landscape photograph of two symmetrical clouds reflect in a lake near Yellowstone National Park.
A man in a thermal suit monitors a fire closely on the beach in Ballard, Seattle.
A vat of weed/marijuana extract in an industrial laboratory in Seattle, Washington.
A riot officer is covered in silly string during a protest in Seattle, Washington.
A man shows off his full back tattoo in traditional Japanese style. Shot for the Museum of Pop Culture, known as MoPOP.
Light from an automated robotic process hits an Amazon employee's face as they work to fulfill orders at a fulfillment center in Washington State. Photographed for TIME magazine.
TerraPower, a nuclear energy company's, headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Photographed for Icarus Complex Magazine.
Antifa in Black Bloc burning a Make America Great Again Trump flag in Capitol Hill Seattle, shot for The New York Times. Editorial.
Horses on a ranch in Maui, Hawaii.
Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best photographed for The Wall Street Journal
A Seattle police officer leans on his baton during a protest during the summer of 2020.
A portrait of famed choreographer of Seattle and New York City, Donald Byrd, poses for a portrait at the Frye Museum in Seattle, Washington.
A portrait of a man in Maui after returning from spear fishing.
A woman demonstrates an at-home COVID-19 swab. Editorial photograph for The New York Times.
A picture of a hotel room on the coast of Oregon with sun shining across the wall and bed.
An old  car being swallowed by plants on Maui.
A cityscape of downtown Seattle as it slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Editorial photograph for The New York Times.
A landscape photograph of the seaside in Naples / Napoli, Italy.
A studio photograph of a woman showing off her Hamburger Helper tattoo around a mole on her leg.
A red solo cup in a hot tub on a vacation in Montana.
A large billy and a nanny are arrive to Hurricane Ridge blindfolded and hobbled from a helicopter at Olympic National Park on July 9, 2019. The goats' health and vitals will be checked before they are crated for transportation. Grant Hindsley for High Cou
A hand clutches a small bird.
A Muay Thai fighter gets stitches in their ear in Koh Lanta, Thailand.
A Seattle bus driver wears a mask with a hand drawn smiley face on it while posing for a portrait during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A young cowgirl looks into the rodeo ring while wearing a cowboy hat at the Omak Stampede.
A man wearing a cowboy hat peers out of a diner in Omak, Washington.
A ranch hand stands in the back of a dump truck in Maui, Hawaii.
Goat Olympics, Washington.
A small town conversation in rural Utah.
Ryan Lambourne, a fly fishing guide, ties flies before heading out for work in Utah.
Photographer Alex Goodlett takes a chilly dip in Scotland during a mountain bike trip with friends.
A photograph of jewelry hanging from a woman's neck in the summer sun.
A spread of Filipino food from Musang and Chef Melissa Miranda. Food photos for The New York Times.
Friends hike across boulders in Washington's Enchantments.
An industrial photograph of an Amazon fulfillment center in Washington.
A food photograph of a long hot dog with relish and mustard.
Swimming in Madison Park, Seattle.
A news photograph of people celebrating President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 election. Made for The New York Times.
A sports picture made of a Special Olympics football team as they warm up before competition in Seattle.
A portrait of a couple in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood at a Trans Pride Parade.
A lifestyle and art photograph of a young boy covers his eyes while hanging out of the car window in the Utah desert.
New York Times writer Kurt Streeter runs in his Seattle neighborhood. Fitness and news photograph for The New York Times.
A landscape photograph of smokey Tetons in Wyoming.
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