An Assignment From the Before Times

Early last year, following my first portfolio trip to NYC since being a college student, I got a handful of assignments that started to feel more in line with a new “vision” I’d been kind of working towards. Something that felt post-daily news photographer and  Assignments I could hang my hat on a bit. One of those, was my first assignment with TIME, which I was super excited about. The project focused on the robotics in Amazon fulfillment centers, and the training they offer employees to help them learn about coding and AI.

Regrettably, just a few days later COVID-19 landed in the U.S. in Washington State. The rest of the story we know; there was a world before, and a world after this, and so the story got cut. But now that it’s been a full-calendar year, I can finally share them.

Thanks, and hope you’re all healthy and keeping on.

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