Radavist x Smoothjazzlines

I’ve always *thought* about photographing mountain biking more, but every time I do, I just end up wanting to ride, and I put the camera in my pack. It’s something I cherish and feels special every time I get to sneak out and it’s a great escape from the mental hurdles of the everyday. I’ve really been wanting to change that, and a good friend of mine, Chip Woodley, gave me a good excuse. 

Chip, lead spiritual guide at a local mountain bike training program and Kona Bicycles ambassador was writing a review of his new Kona Process 153 DL for Radavist with a different sort of twist. His goal: a bike review that is less about the details and more about the feeling. 

Here are a few photos from our day in the wet and dark woods of Fall City. 

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